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Monday March 30, 2015
Analyst: Apple Could Be Worth $1 Trillion Within a Year
It may be the most valuable U.S. company in history, but one analyst believes Apple has a big growth spurt left, big enough to make it the first trillion-dollar company on record within a year.

Will Apple Watch Bridge the Gender Divide?
Whether the new Apple Watch emerges from the smartwatch pack, analysts say, may hinge on its appeal to the 50 percent of the population who have been slower to embrace the gadgets: women.

Apple's ResearchKit: Boon for Scientists or Privacy Risk?
You will soon be able to participate in cutting-edge medical research -- from the comfort of your iPhone -- with Apple's ResearchKit, a new software platform that taps the power of the iPhone.

New Bio Says Tim Cook Offered Steve Jobs Liver Transplant
In yet another example of the public's insatiable appetite for more stories about Steve Jobs, a biography coming out later this month reveals new details about him intense friendship with Tim Cook.

Apple TV 'Skinny' Bundle Could Accelerate Cord Cutting
The big TV premiere this fall could be the unbundling of TV. Apple is in discussions with major TV programmers, including Fox, CBS and ABC, for a "skinny" TV service for its Apple TV and other devices.

Report: Apple Launching Streaming TV
Now that official details have emerged about the Apple Watch, the rumor mill is churning out speculation about the Apple TV. The latest chatter says Apple is working to launch an online TV service.

Pins and Needles for Apple Watch App Makers
The success of the Apple Watch -- set to go on sale April 24 -- will depend largely on the quality of apps built for its tiny screen. But critics have questioned whether a "killer app" will emerge.

Apple Watch's Six Unique Features: Are They Enough?
The early reviews of the Apple Watch are pointing in one direction: The fact that many functions require an iPhone to be nearby cuts down on its usefulness. But some features do stand out from the crowd.

ResearchKit: 5 Things To Know About Apple's Medical Apps
Amid all the talk of Apple Watch, a new MacBook and a partnership with HBO, a set of Apple tools aimed at helping medical research didn't get much attention. Here's some facts about ResearchKit.



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