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Wednesday September 17, 2014
Apple Adds Two-Step Verification for iCloud Backup
Stung by a recent high-profile hacking involving nude photos of celebrities, Apple has added two-step authentication for backups on its iCloud cloud-based storage service to ward off hackers.

Will Apple's Digital Wallet Kill the Card Swipe?
With the launch of Apple Pay, a digital payment system that lets people pay for retail store purchases using their phones, paying with a plastic credit card may become as rare as paying with a paper check.

Options Abound for Selling Used Mobile Phones
Apple's latest iPhones begin shipping later this month, a move bound to inspire many fans of the popular smartphone to ditch their current models in favor of the bigger, sleeker iPhone model.

Apple Breaks Records with iPhone 6 Pre-orders
Customers pre-ordered more than four million iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets in just the first 24 hours, according to Apple -- around double the number the company saw for the iPhone 5s and 5c a year ago.

Pre-Order Delays Plague iPhone 6 Rollout
On pins and needles for your new iPhone? Prepare to wait a little longer: Apple has exhausted its pre-order supply of the iPhone 6 Plus. AT&T, meanwhile, reported a delay of two weeks for the iPhone 6.

Apple Lures Consumers into Mobile Payments
In any checkout line, many consumers are staring down at their smartphones. With its new iPhone 6 and Apple Pay system, Apple hopes to get many of them to use the same phone like a credit card.

iOS 8 Designed To Boost Retail Customer Engagement
Apple's new mobile operating system, set for release Sept. 17, has a number of noteworthy features, including new customer engagement tools to help businesses boost sales and service.

Review: Apple Watch Looks To Be Another Winner
As computerized wristwatches go, the upcoming Apple Watch looks impressive. The new device even comes in two sizes, so the watch won't feel giant on smaller hands, as some competing watches do.

What iOS 8 Brings to the Mobile Table
Apple is generating plenty of buzz for its iPhone 6 and Apple Watch models, but behind the scenes it’s the iOS 8 that’s gluing all the innovations together. The new version of iOS will roll out on Sept. 17


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