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Sunday December 21, 2014
Protesters Storm Apple's Cupertino Campus
As rain pummeled the Bay Area, a group of protesters stormed Apple's campus, calling for the tech giant to help the service workers who keep its campus humming make a better living.

Apple Trial Likely To Go on with New Plaintiff
A billion-dollar class-action lawsuit against Apple will likely continue, after a 65-year-old business consultant read about the floundering case online and volunteered to represent consumers.

Apple Trial Continues -- Without a Plaintiff
In an unusual legal twist, a federal judge decided that a billion-dollar, class-action lawsuit over Apple's iPods should continue, even though she also disqualified the last remaining plaintiff.

Steve Jobs' Video Testimony Transfixes Courtroom
More than three years after his death, legendary Apple CEO Steve Jobs held a federal courtroom transfixed as attorneys played a video of his firmly defensive testimony in a class-action lawsuit.

Last-Minute Snarl in Apple iPod Lawsuit
For want of an iPod, an ongoing billion-dollar lawsuit may be in jeopardy. Apple attorneys have raised an eleventh-hour challenge that could derail a long-running, class-action lawsuit.

Apple Wiped Rival Songs from Users' iPods
If you've ever had to deal with the frustration of finding some of your favorite music deleted from your iPod, you're not alone. Deleting rivals’ music was common for Apple in the early days of the iPod.

In E-Mails, Jobs Determined To Keep iPod Apple-Only
Legendary Apple CEO Steve Jobs had seven words for a subordinate when he learned a rival was about to introduce a program that would let music fans buy songs anywhere and play them on iPods.

Jurors To Hear Steve Jobs Testimony at Apple Trial
After nearly a decade in legal wrangling, a billion-dollar class-action lawsuit over Apple's iPod music players heads to trial. The case hearkens back to the early days of digital music.

UBS Says Apple Will Sell 24 Million Smart Watches in 2015
Apple may be the early winner in the smart watch market, if you bet on UBS’ predictions. A new survey from the financial services company predicts Apple could sell 24 million Apple Watches next year.


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