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Tuesday April 21, 2015
Apple Gets Green with China Solar Project, U.S. Forest Conservation
In a quest to be more green, Apple says it is investing in Chinese solar power and preserving forests that make environmentally friendly paper -- winning high marks from environmental groups.

Analyzing Medical Data with Your Smartphone
IBM wants to use the power of its Watson computing system to analyze mountains of data collected from individuals who use health-related smartphone apps, fitness bands and other mobile gadgets.

Apple Disrupts the Watch Industry and It Does So Quickly
The arrival of Apple's smartwatch likely does not signal high noon for luxury watchmakers, but they could feel some heat as the iconic tech company debuts its first new product category in years.

Review: Many Choices, Indecision with Apple Watch
What size do you want? Which band do you prefer? Apple Watch "try-on" sessions -- appointments strongly encouraged -- may have your head spinning with multiple configurations and styles.

Apple Watch Pre-Orders Hit Nearly 1 Million in US
Who was that suggesting the Apple Watch wouldn’t hit big? Apple started pre-selling three editions of its smart watch on Friday in cities around the world. Pre-orders reportedly hit nearly 1 million in the U.S.

Review: New Apple Photos App Makes Fixing, Cropping Easy
Apple's new Photos app for Mac computers makes it easy to organize and edit your pictures. The app, which replaces iPhoto, bundles professional-level tools into one free consumer package.

Review: New MacBook Brings iPad's Minimalism to Laptop
Apple's new MacBook is the lightest and thinnest yet and borrows many of the iPad's designs, including the lack of a fan. The result is a 2-pound laptop that may feel non-existent on your lap.

'Darwin Nuke' Vulnerability Discovered in Apple's OS X, iOS
If you are a hard-core Apple user, Kaspersky Lab has bad news for you. The security research firm has discovered a vulnerability in the kernel of Darwin, an open source component of OS X and iOS.

Your Guide To Trying and Buying an Apple Watch
Buying an Apple Watch won't be as simple as walking into an Apple store and handing over your credit card. The smartwatch comes in 54 configurations -- more than any other Apple gadget.



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