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Monday June 29, 2015
Historians Take Issue with Apple's Civil War Games Ban
Civil War historians were flummoxed by Apple's removal of Civil War games from its App Store that included Confederate flag images, saying the divisive symbol is key to depicting history.

Apple's About-Face Reveals Cracks in Music Industry
Tech giant Apple's abrupt about-face on paying royalties for songs during a three-month free-trial period for its new music service was a symbolic victory for superstar Taylor Swift and other artists.

Can Apple Take a Big Bite Out of the Auto Industry?
Here's how Apple could blow away the auto industry -- by going electric and outspending everyone else. The tech giant has reportedly created a team of employees to explore an Apple-branded electric car.

Apple Changes Tune on Royalties After Swift Complains
Hours after pop superstar Taylor Swift criticized the giant tech company, Apple says it will pay royalties for music played during a free, three-month trial of its new streaming music service.

Pebble Smart Watch May Lose to Apple and Google
Time's ticking for Pebble. As the smartwatch maker sent the new model of its phone-connected watches to those who helped fund development, analysts cast doubt over its ability to compete.

Will Next-Gen Apple Watch Include a Video Camera?
Consumers are barely used to the Apple Watch, and already there’s discussion about what might be included with the next edition of the wearable, including a video camera and a new wireless system.

Apple Hasn't Fixed Mail App Security Hole, Developer Says
A bug said to be in the Mail application for iPhones and iPads allows a hacker to see a user's password by mimicking a login window, according to a computer programmer who disclosed the vulnerability.

Google Makes Chrome Less of a Battery Hog for OS X
Chrome may soon be a lot less terrible when running on a Mac. At the very least, Google is addressing user complaints and doing its best to ensure the Web browser will no longer be such an energy hog.

Review: What To Do if Phones Fill Up with Photos
Shoot enough photos and videos, and your phone will eventually fill up. Many phones don't let you add storage, and moving images to a PC can be complicated. Help comes from Yahoo and Apple.



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