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Friday December 9, 2016
High Court Sides with Samsung in Patent Dispute with Apple
A unanimous Supreme Court sided with smartphone maker Samsung in its patent dispute with Apple over design of the iPhone. At issue was how much Samsung is required to compensate Apple.

Apple Watch Setting Sales Records, According To Tim Cook
After IDC issued some sour comments concerning the Apple Watch, CEO Tim Cook scrambled to quell anxieties by saying the Apple Watch sales hit a record in the first week of holiday shopping.

Apple Sure Cares a Lot About Rules for Self-Driving Cars
For a company that isn't supposed to be working on a self-driving car, Apple has a lot of very specific thoughts on federal rules for self-driving cars, which it spelled out in a letter to the NHTSA.

Bay Area Apple Stores Targeted By Grab-and-Go Thieves
If the four thieves hadn't gotten jammed up at the door on their way out of the Apple store with all their loot, they would've matched the speed of a very similar heist at the same shop four days earlier.

New Macs, Lenovo Laptop Make Traditional Keyboards Touchy
Higher-end models of Apple's MacBook Pro now come with a narrow touch screen above the regular keyboard for quick access, while Lenovo's Yoga Book laptop loses the physical keyboard entirely.

Facebook Aims To Be Your New Gaming Arcade
Social giant Facebook is rolling out a product called Instant Games, which lets users play mobile games like Pac-Man and Words With Friends inside the core Facebook app and Facebook Messenger.

New Report Reveals More iPhone 8 Details
It is no secret that the web has been awash with rumors about the iPhone 8’s quality and Apple’s plans for a renewed launch of the iPhone 7. Now a new report aims to bring clarity to the chaos.

Wondering What To Get Your Favorite Apple Fanatic for the Holiday?
In addition to that new iPhone 7, that new MacBook Pro and that upgraded Apple TV, here's something else from Cupertino to slip under the Christmas tree this year: A $299 coffee table book.

Are Silicon Valley Tech Giants Seeking Political Peace?
Technology companies and President-Elect Donald Trump's team are feeling each other out, just as the Election Day dust starts to slowly settle, with a cautious "circling of the table" happening.



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