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Wednesday August 20, 2014
Popular Mailbox App Comes to the Mac Desktop
Mailbox, a mobile app embraced by users who feel swamped with e-mail, has come to the Mac desktop. That is if you have an invitation to download the beta, or a friend who has one.

Apple Opens iCloud Data Center in China
Treading lightly, Apple acknowledged it has started to store encrypted iCloud personal data of some Chinese users on servers in mainland China, operated by the state-owned China Telecom.

Android Crushing Smartphone Rivals
As the smartphone market soars, Google’s Android OS dominates the sector with an 85 percent market share. Apple’s iOS comes in at a distant second, taking only 11 percent of the market.

Apple Bans Two Toxic Chemicals in iPhone Assembly
Responding to an activist campaign launched in June, Apple is prohibiting the use of the toxic chemicals benzene and n-hexane in the final assembly processes for its iPhones and other products.

Apple's Diversity Report: A Long Way To Go
Tech giant Apple primarily relies on white and Asian men for its top-paying technology jobs, feeding the perception that Silicon Valley's economic boom is largely excluding women, blacks and Hispanics.

Apple's Workforce Mostly White, Male
Tech giant Apple has released a report on the diversity of its workforce, but the results aren't very diverse. Of its 98,000 employees, 70 percent are male, while 55 percent of its U.S. employees are white.

New Apple iPad Models on the Way
Apple has reportedly started production on two new versions of the iPad to be released this year. They could even be on the market as soon as the end of September, or possibly October.

Judge Rejects $324.5M Settlement of Tech Wage Case
A federal judge has decided a $324.5 million settlement isn't enough to cover the damages in a class-action lawsuit alleging tech companies conspired to block employees from getting better job offers.

Surface Pro 3 Ads Take Aim at MacBook Pro
If the PC vs. Mac wars of old seemed to be quieting down, Microsoft might be determined to get them fired back up. A new set of ads seek to paint the Surface Pro 3 as superior to Apple's MacBook Air.


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