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Sunday May 24, 2015
Apple TV Could Be Delayed by Quest for Local Programs
While analysts talk about the death of cable TV, the road to a world of streaming, anywhere-anytime television isn't yet certain. In fact, Apple's launch of an online TV service could be hitting a major snag.

Carl Icahn Predicts a Rosy Future for Apple
In an open letter to CEO Tim Cook, activist investor Carl Icahn predicted that Apple would soon enter the market for consumer televisions and would push its own automobile to the market by 2020.

Apple Upgrades MacBook Pro, iMac
Even though most of the hype centers around its mobile products, Apple doesn’t want people to forget it still makes plain old computers, too. So it rolled out a revamped 15-inch MacBook Pro, and a new iMac.

Appeals Court Cuts Apple's Patent Award Against Samsung
A U.S. appeals court on Monday sent a portion of a $930 million verdict Apple had won against Samsung back to a lower court. However, the court let stand part of the judgment issued in 2012.

Apple Buys Yet Another Mapping Technology Company
Tech giant Apple is still trying to get Maps right. The firm snapped up another mapping tech firm in hopes iPhone users will stop complaining about dead-end streets and longer-than-necessary routes.

Review: Small Life Enhancements Come with Apple Watch
Apple Watch isn't so much a lifestyle revolution as it is a collection of small enhancements that add up, mostly due to a wider range of apps than rival watches from Samsung, Motorola and more.

Apple Watches and Wrist Tattoos Not Meshing Well
Well, that inks. The newly released Apple Watch may be problematic for people with dark tattoos on their wrist, the company acknowledged after receiving a slew of complaints from customers.

Apple Releases App Analytics Beta for iOS Developers
Developers will get first crack at a tool that promises to help them measure the penetration of their iOS apps. Apple is getting set to release its App Analytics tool, which is currently in beta.

Apple Gets Good iPhone News, So-So for iPad
This week was a classic "good news, bad news" cycle for Apple. On Monday, the company announced record second quarter profits, led in large part by Chinese enthusiasm for the iPhone.



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