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Tuesday April 28, 2015
Apple Earnings Get Massive Boost on iPhone Sales
You might say Apple is hitting on all iCylinders. Under Tim Cook, the firm that many thought would struggle after the death of its iconic cofounder Steve Jobs is setting new second quarter records.

Apple Pay Will Accept Discover Cards This Fall
Beginning this fall, Discover card customers with the latest iPhones or iPads will be able to make on-the-go, contactless purchases with their devices -- including Apple Watch -- using Apple Pay.

Consumer Market Fueling Silicon Valley's Riches
Amid a bumper crop of IPOs, nascent startups and established companies alike are increasingly finding that the consumer market is where the riches are to be found in Silicon Valley.

Review: Got Your Apple Watch? Here's How To Use It
If you've received your Apple Watch, you're in store for a new way of interacting with your digital life. A better way? That remains to be seen, but here are a few tips on using the new device.

Apple Watch App Store Opens with Over 3000 Apps
The Apple Watch has made its debut. Considering pre-orders of the smart watch hit nearly 1M in the U.S. alone, Apple is expecting plenty of profits. App makers may also get in on the game.

Apple at the Core of New SSL Vulnerability
One of the presentations at the RSA Conference underway in San Francisco this week focused on the lifecycle of vulnerabilities and vendor pitfalls -- and Apple was the unfortunate star of the show.

Court Monitor Says Apple Antitrust Cooperation Has 'Declined'
Tech giant Apple's cooperation with efforts to improve its compliance with antitrust laws took on an "adversarial tone" recently and "sharply declined," says court-appointed monitor Michael Bromwich.

Apple Gets Green with China Solar Project, U.S. Forest Conservation
In a quest to be more green, Apple says it is investing in Chinese solar power and preserving forests that make environmentally friendly paper -- winning high marks from environmental groups.

Analyzing Medical Data with Your Smartphone
IBM wants to use the power of its Watson computing system to analyze mountains of data collected from individuals who use health-related smartphone apps, fitness bands and other mobile gadgets.



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