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Posted: 2012-11-01 @ 11:00am PT
I am an engineer but grew up in commercial fishing, my father's trade. I've fished west coast salmon and herring and mid-Pacific tuna between Midway Island and Japan. I've been in storms with 70+ knots of wind and huge seas, storms that sank good boats and killed good men. I know what is vulnerable on a boat and what breaks in bad weather.

About Steve's yacht:

Good grief!!! Tie it to a dock and make a condo out of it right now, before anyone tries something stupid with it, like a trans Atlantic voyage in bad weather.

Sometimes an arrogant customer just won't take good advice and the naval architect has to aquiesce, agree, bow, scrape and concede.

"Why yes Mr. Jobs, I dont know what I was thinking with my own rather plain design. Yours is obviously superior. It would be quite exciting indeed to watch the sea's fury though those huge windows. You and your guests will have a front row seat for the perfect storm. Great idea sir."


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