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1. Apple To Pay $450,000 After Allegations of Hazardous Waste Violations

2. High Court Sides with Samsung in Patent Dispute with Apple

3. Apple Watch Setting Sales Records, According To Tim Cook

4. Apple Sure Cares a Lot About Rules for Self-Driving Cars

5. Bay Area Apple Stores Targeted By Grab-and-Go Thieves

6. New Macs, Lenovo Laptop Make Traditional Keyboards Touchy

7. Facebook Aims To Be Your New Gaming Arcade

8. New Report Reveals More iPhone 8 Details

9. Wondering What To Get Your Favorite Apple Fanatic for the Holiday?

10. Are Silicon Valley Tech Giants Seeking Political Peace?

11. Say Goodbye to Apple Wi-Fi Routers

12. 15-Inch MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals Zero Upgradability

13. iPhone Touch Disease Much Worse than Apple Admits

14. iPhone Users: Apple Saves Your Call History to iCloud

15. Apple Admits to iPhone Touch Disease

16. Review: The New MacBook Pro Is a Fast, Slim Tweener

17. Is Apple Out of Touch with Fans and Consumers?

18. The MacBook Pro's New Touch Bar Brings Macros to the Masses

19. New MacBook Pro: What Benchmark Testing Reveals

20. Apple Drops Prices on Older Mac Lineup


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