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1. Google, Rockstar Patent Fight Stays in California

2. Samsung Tech Experts Take on Apple Patent Claims

3. Smartphone Trial Judge Annoyed by Phones in Court

4. Apple vs. Samsung: Experts Defend Patent Rights

5. Will Novauris Buy Improve Siri's Accuracy?

6. Choosing Jury in Apple-Samsung Case May Be Hard

7. Is a Big-Screen iPhone in the Works?

8. Smartphone Kill Switch Could Save Users $2.6B a Year

9. Apple, Samsung Head Back to Court -- Again

10. Apple Innovations on Tap at MacWorld/iWorld

11. Apple Drops iPad 2, Resurrects iPad 4 in Its Place

12. Apple's iOS 8 Reportedly Will Update Maps, Add Healthbook

13. Microsoft Targets Evernote with Free OneNote, New Mac Version

14. Apple Releases Its First Major iOS 7 Update

15. Are Holographic iPhones in Apple's Future?

16. Review: Apple's iWork Brings Simplicity to Docs

17. Apple Dials Up Effort To Meld iPhone with Cars

18. Sorry Apple: Judge Refuses U.S. Sales Ban on Samsung Devices

19. Danish Company Offers a Smart Hearing Aid for Apple Devices

20. Apple CEO Tim Cook Teases, Reassures Shareholders


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