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1. Days After OS X Yosemite Update, Apple Releases a Second

2. Free Apps No Longer 'Free' in Apple App Store

3. Justice Department Warns Apple that Encryption Can Kill

4. Apple Starts the Clock on Apple Watch Launch

5. Review: Apple's iOS 8 Provides a Smarter Type

6. Did Apple Sign Chip Deal with Samsung?

7. Apple Hits Highest Value Ever Amid Security Questions

8. Storage-Starved Apple Users Get Some Help

9. What Happened to Apple's Once-Great Ads?

10. Apple Store Looks for a Boost with New Leader

11. New iOS Threat: 'Update' Replaces App with Evil Twin

12. Apple iPod Antitrust Trial Gets Under Way

13. Documents Show Acrimony Over Failed Apple Deal

14. Apple Tool Lets Users Escape iMessage 'Purgatory'

15. Apple, IBM Team on AppleCare for the Enterprise

16. WireLurker Malware Targets Apple at Its Core

17. Apple Watch Set for Spring 2015 Release?

18. Russia Dismantles Steve Jobs Memorial

19. Tim Cook Could Spur Silicon Valley Social Change

20. U.S. Businesses Reject Apple Pay... So Far


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