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1. eBay Spins Off PayPal: Does Showdown with Apple Pay Await?

2. EU Says Ireland Grants Apple Illegal Tax Benefits

3. iPhone 6 Heads to China After Security Assurances

4. iPhone 6 Smugglers Busted in Shanghai

5. Apple Apologizes for a Week of iPhone Fiascos

6. Apple Stock Falls Amid New iPhone Glitches

7. Google's Schmidt Says Rivalry with Apple Stronger than Ever

8. iPhone 6 Plus Users Bent Out of Shape over 'Bendgate'

9. iPhone Hoax: You Can't Recharge in the Microwave

10. Apple Woes: iOS 8 Reportedly Crashing Apps

11. Apple Releases, Pulls Back iOS 8.0.1 After More Glitches

12. Apple Buys Digital Magazine Startup Prss

13. iPhone 6 Plus Big Boost For Apple's Profits

14. iOS 8 Users Report Numerous Bugs

15. Study: Apple's New iPhones Score Big in Durability

16. How Apple Pay Could Change the Retail World

17. Is Apple Nixing Beats Music or Not?

18. Sales of iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus Hit Record 10 Million

19. Apple Locks Itself Out of Devices with Passwords

20. Review: Larger iPhones Are a Big Deal


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