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1141. Steve Jobs Says Publishers Not Happy with Amazon

1142. Apple Turns To Developers To Create iPad Apps

1143. Wait -- iPad Won't Support Flash for YouTube Videos

1144. AT&T Sets Lower Prices for 3G Data Plans on iPad

1145. iPad's Versatility Challenges E-Readers and Netbooks

1146. Rumors Have Apple Dumping Google for Bing on iPhone

1147. Apple Debuts iPad, with Prices from $499 to $699

1148. Google Voice Slips Onto iPhone, Palm Pre Via Web

1149. Apple's Sales and Profits Strong as Big Event Approaches

1150. Analyst Sees iPhone Spreading To AT&T's Rivals

1151. Flurry Analytics Detects 'Proof' of Apple Tablet Testing

1152. Rumors Have Verizon and AT&T Offering Apple Tablet

1153. Surveys Find Price, AT&T Plan Could Hurt Apple Tablet

1154. Google-Apple Split Widens with Rumor of Bing on iPhone

1155. HarperCollins, Apple May Be Looking at Unique E-Books

1156. Music, Gaming, iPhone OS May Be Topics at Apple Event

1157. iPhone App for California Bar Exam Is Priced at $999.99

1158. Reporters Invited To an Apple Event Set Next Week

1159. Patent Battle Between Nokia and Apple Escalates

1160. Apple's Cease-and-Desist Letter Wins Tablet 'Prize'


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