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1141. Advertisers Snap Up iPad Spots in Popular Publications

1142. Developers Ready for 'Land Grab' on Apple's iPad

1143. iPhones May Be Sold Direct, But Still Locked To AT&T

1144. Apple Files Patent for Mobile Social Networking

1145. iPad Pre-Orders Reported in 'Hundreds of Thousands'

1146. Amazon.com Offers Kindle for Mac E-Reader Software

1147. Do BlackBerry Users Have iPhone and Android Envy?

1148. If iPad Battery Fails, Apple Will Replace the iPad for $99

1149. iPad Will Read Books Aloud, Support Open EPUB Format

1150. Barnes & Noble Will Be on Apple's iPad, a nook Rival

1151. Buyers Begin Ordering Apple's iPads Sight Unseen

1152. New iPhone OS Rumored To Finally Allow Multitasking

1153. Apple's App Store Terms Are Stiff, But Does Anyone Care?

1154. HP Turns Steve Jobs' Flash Snub Against Apple's iPad

1155. As Ballmer Praises Apple, EFF Cites Stiff App Store Rules

1156. HP Swipes at iPad as 'Watered Down' as Rivals Line Up

1157. First iPad Marketing Focuses on Multiple Functions

1158. Apple Boots Wi-Fi-Finder Apps with Private APIs

1159. Yep, the iPad Will Be Delayed -- But Only a Few Days

1160. Despite Denial, iPad Production Numbers Look Low


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