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1161. Apple's iPad Jailbroken One Day After Launch

1162. 300,000 iPads Sold in First Day -- But Is That Enough?

1163. The iPad Makes Salsa? Funnymen Crack Apple's iPad

1164. Flash, Bah! Apple Says With List of iPad-Ready Sites

1165. iPad's Success Could Boost Acceptance of Apple Tech

1166. iPad May Be a Bigger Hit Than Even Apple Expected

1167. Developers Lose Interest in iPad Days Before Its Release

1168. Apple's Planned CDMA iPhone May Be for Verizon

1169. Brightcove HTML5 Could Fill Flash Void on Apple Devices

1170. Advance Orders Exhaust Expected Supply of iPads

1171. iPad Rumor Mill Keeps on Churning Before Launch

1172. Advertisers Snap Up iPad Spots in Popular Publications

1173. Developers Ready for 'Land Grab' on Apple's iPad

1174. iPhones May Be Sold Direct, But Still Locked To AT&T

1175. Apple Files Patent for Mobile Social Networking

1176. iPad Pre-Orders Reported in 'Hundreds of Thousands'

1177. Amazon.com Offers Kindle for Mac E-Reader Software

1178. Do BlackBerry Users Have iPhone and Android Envy?

1179. If iPad Battery Fails, Apple Will Replace the iPad for $99

1180. iPad Will Read Books Aloud, Support Open EPUB Format


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